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State of CX Report – Townships of South Africa 2021

(Banking Sector)

Compiled by Mandisa Makubalo

We are excited to have successfully pioneered the first South African State of CX report focusing on the townships across all nine provinces of the country specific to the Banking Sector. This is the start of a journey of sector specific report intended to bring the much needed CX transformation across the country. We are looking forward to engaging the respective business leaders across the various sectors to build strategic relationships leading to South Africa’s unique CX blueprint.

Leadership Research Report 2021

Compiled by Mandisa Makubalo

South Africa & Africa Employer & Employee Impact Report COVID-19 – May 2020


This report is intended to assist business leaders in understanding the impact of their business decisions on employees and customers. It also allows business leaders to understand the impact of COVID-19 on other businesses besides their own business.

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