Listen to our Founder, Mandisa Makubalo on the Punk CX with Adrian Swinscoe talking about “Using customer experience as a tool to drive economic development in South Africa”

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We are happy to announce that our Founder & MD has been nominated to be part of a team of 17 global panelists for this year’s CX Stars.

The CX Stars is the awards that honour contributions made to the dynamic CX industry by outstanding professionals and influencers.

The role of the panelists is to choose the winners from the Top 100 CX Professionals and Top 50 Influencers who have been nominated for the year, we will also be assisting with the validation of the voting and prioritisation of the list of finalists where votes are equal. 

Thank you to the Customer Experience Magazine ( for this opportunity.

To read more about the CX stars and the panelists please click on this link:

The Founder and Managing Director of Unlimited Experiences SA, Mandisa Makubalo, has been named as one of the 200 Customer Experience Thought Leaders to follow to kickstart 2021 by Engati, a one-stop platform for delighted customers.

With their intelligent bots, they help organisations create the smoothest of Customer Experiences. (

We are thrilled to announce that Mandisa Makubalo, the Founder and MD of Unlimited Experiences SA has been appointed into the role of Advisory Board member for the 2021 Customer Experience Evolution Africa Forum by Customer Experience Evolution Africa (

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