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Unlimited Experiences SA, is South Africa’s first 100% black women owned customer experience (CX) management service provider. 

We were founded in 2017 and our suite of CX solutions are designed to deliver contextual and specialised consulting to entrepreneurs, small, medium and large businesses seeking to improve commercial results through:

  • in-depth customer understanding
  • improved customer profitability
  • improved employee experience
  • culture transformation
  • sustainable digital adoption

With an African and global network in over 10 countries, our collective expertise and experience, we are able to serve customers across multiple industries and countries. Our global understanding of Customer Experience Management made possible by our global network coupled with the understanding of the dynamics and nuances of the South African environment allows us to contextualise solutions for both local and international clients.


A world without an experience divide!


We will share contextual consulting and advisory services on all things CX across the globe.



Mandisa Makubalo – Founder and Managing Director

I was born in the township of Gugulethu which means “our pride”, based in Cape Town, South Africa. Mandisa Makubalo is a Strategic Customer Experience Management Consultant. She is passionate CX leader and a transformational leader who serves on various boards in and out of South Africa. Mandisa’s role involves working with both domestic and international clients at an executive level with CEOs and Boards of Directors and with business leaders and their teams to provide advice on high-level decisions, identify and solve complex organisational, business and operational problems through the value of Customer Experience Management. 

She has over 2 decades of experience in both public and private sectors with extensive experience in management consultation and strategy implementation in the areas of Customer Experience Management and Employee Experience Management. Her academic qualification includes studies from the University of Stellenbosch Business School. She has experience in the petro-chemical industry, consulting, waste management, non-profit and for profit industries, retail, financial services, entertainment and media, travel and tourism and telecommunications.

I am proud to have the following achievements under my name as a Strategic Consultant:

  • Appointed Captain for the 2022 Customer Experience World Games
  • Top 222 CX Influencers 2022
  • Top 100 Global CX Thought Leader
  • Co-Author of the CX3 book selling on Amazon
  • Board Member for The Hope Africa Collective;
  • Panel member at the 2020 West Africa Customer Experience Summit hosted in Lagos, Nigeria;
  • Judge at the 2020 International Customer Experience Awards hosted by Awards International;
  • Panel member of the Customer Experience Global Interactive Conversations hosted by CX Centric based in Belgium;
  • Content Contributor for Lionesses of Africa;
  • Featured in The Customer Experience Playbook, authored by Jonathan Daniels, Founder of CXCentric in Belgium;
  • Appointed as training partner for the 2019, 2020, 2021 & 2022 CiTi Top Tech Woman in Business Programme;

In South Africa the consulting industry is limited to the top big 5 consulting firms and popular for its expensive costs. The expert skills available through consultants are generally too expensive for medium to small organisations. My goal is to make the consulting services available to the most disempowered locations of our country.  

I believe that the greatest key to developing our economy is to develop it from within the very same economy. The challenge facing businesses across the country is the ability to grow within the economies they operate in and this is where my work comes in. My business is positioned in the heart of the townships of South Africa, surrounded by informal dwellings in a business complex that represents our heritage and culture. With years of corporate experience, having travelled across the globe, occupying senior positions I consider myself well seasoned and highly skilled across all aspects of business. I have defined, led, implemented and managed projects of various sizes with budgets in excess of millions of rands. I continue to make great contributions to various businesses as a strategic consultant.

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