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We help Business Executives and Leaders in developing clear strategies leading to operational competence as a basis for business growth.


Our vision is to lead the development of executive and leadership capacity for thinking to one that is able to think conceptually, imaginatively, systematically and opportunistically with regards to the attainment of business success in the future.


We will share best practice consulting and advisory services on Strategic Thinking, Customer Experience, Business Continuity Planning and Change Management.



Mandisa Makubalo – Founder and Managing Director

I was born in the township of Gugulethu which means “our pride”, based in Cape Town, South Africa. Mandisa Makubalo is a Strategic Consultant, a Customer Experience Specialist and a Change Manager. She helps Business Executives, Leaders and Entrepreneurs develop clear strategies leading to operational competence as a basis for business growth.

I am proud to have the following achievements under my name as a Strategic Consultant:

  • Appointed as Advisory Board for the Customer Experience Evolution Africa Forum for 2021;
  • Appointed as Expert Advisor for the 2020 Akro Township Accelerator Program;
  • Board Member for The Hope Africa Collective;
  • Panel member at the 2020 West Africa Customer Experience Summit hosted in Lagos, Nigeria;
  • Judge at the 2020 International Customer Experience Awards hosted by Awards International;
  • Panel member of the Customer Experience Global Interactive Conversations hosted by CX Centric based in Belgium;
  • Content Contributor for Lionesses of Africa;
  • Featured in The Customer Experience Playbook, authored by Jonathan Daniels, Founder of CXCentric in Belgium;
  • Appointed as training partner for the 2019 CiTi Top Tech Woman in Business Programme;
  • Assisted in the 2019 Journey to Service Excellence Programme for the Department of Economic Development and Tourism Western Cape Government

In South Africa the consulting industry is limited to the top big 5 consulting firms and popular for its expensive costs. The expert skills available through consultants are generally too expensive for medium to small organisations. My goal is to take the consulting industry to the most disempowered locations of our country. I am here to change the narrative by making these expert skills available to all businesses. 

I believe that the greatest key to developing our economy is to develop it from within the very same economy. The challenge facing businesses across the country is the ability to grow within the economies they operate in and this is where my work comes in. My business is positioned in the heart of the townships of South Africa, surrounded by informal dwellings in a business complex that represents our heritage and culture.  With years of corporate experience, having travelled across the globe, occupying quite senior positions I consider myself well seasoned and highly skilled across all aspects of business. I have defined, led, implemented and managed projects of various sizes with budgets in excess of millions of rands. I continue to make great contributions to various businesses as a strategic consultant.

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