Unlocking Potential – What A cliché

Let me start this reading by refreshing your mind.  According to Wikipedia, a cliché is an expression or an idea that has become overused to the point of losing its original meaning, even to the point of being irritating, especially when at some earlier time it was considered meaningful. Many will question the relevance of this reading especially at a time when the world is confronting such great darkness challenging our very existence as humans. Is there anything to unlock, I’ve just lost my job, I’ve lost loved ones, I’ve had to shut down my business, I’ve laid off employees because we simply cannot afford to keep them as a business, we’ve had to downsize our operations and here you are encouraging me to unlock potential, really?

Well, let us look at the definition of “unlock and potential” separately. I love how this definition of the word “unlock – to free from restraints or restrictions”, and the definition of “potential – refers to a currently unrealized ability”. Now that we have looked at these 2 words separately, do you still hold the view that Unlocking Potential is cliché’? What if this perceived great darkness propels you personally, your business, and your employees to future success and usefulness? Have you considered the waste associated with the unrealized skillset, talent, abilities, and its impact on business efficiency?

This brings me to another important discussion “succession planning”. According to Robert Half’s blog “succession planning is a strategy for identifying and developing future leaders at your company not just at the top but for major roles at all levels. It helps your business prepare for contingencies by preparing high-potential workers for advancement”. What if this is the time to revisit your business succession planning strategy? What if this is the time to free your organization from the restraints and restrictions preventing it from realizing its full abilities? What if this global pandemic propels your employees and your business to greater future success and usefulness? What if this is what your business requires to unlock the financial potential that can only be realized through a workforce that is free from restraints?

Unlock potential – unlocking new customer markets – unlocking the full potential of existing customer markets – unlock financial potential.

Author: Mandisa Makubalo, Founder and MD (Unlimited Experiences SA), Cape Town, South Africa


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