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We are a strategic data driven organization that enables medium size entities to improve customer experience using innovative customer experience management solutions that will lead to churn reduction, new customer acquisition, retention and increased revenue.


Our vision is to change the way businesses operate by reinventing how they think about customers through our innovative and sustainable customer experience management solutions.


We will lead in supporting businesses to genuinely and tangibly deliver seamless and unlimited experiences to their customers.



Mandisa Makubalo – Founder and Managing Director

I was born in the township of Gugulethu which means “our pride”, based in Cape Town, South Africa. I am one of a very few if any black woman specializing in Customer Experience Management. 

I matriculated in 1993 where I was a school prefect in a girls only school. After completing Matric I studied towards a qualification in Marketing and Sales Management at the Peninsula Technikon where I scooped a few distinctions under my name. 

I further studied at the University of Stellenbosch Business School where I obtained a qualification in Leadership. I completed a lot of in-house programs such as Finance for non-Financial Managers, Qualification In Call Centre Operations and many other Management and Leadership programs.

I started my career in the financial services industry working as a teller for one of South Africa’s leading banks. This position ignited my passion for customers. After leaving the financial services industry I moved to the retail industry as a cashier, then moved to the world of call centres where I started off as a call centre agent until my last role which was Head of Business Services. In the years I was working in the call centre industry my passion for customers grew exponentially.

Some of the projects I worked on during these times were Customer Journey Mapping, Process Improvement, Defining and Implementing communication strategies for some of South Africa’s large corporates, Content Management, Setting up contact centres, Data Integrity Management projects, Stakeholder Relationship Management and Customer Services Strategy design and implementation. I worked in the following industries: Retail, Financial Services, Banking, Wholesale, Telecommunications, Petro-Chemical, Consulting and Supply Chain. 

I  believe that we are dealing with a new age customer that is not only tech savvy but very sophisticated. This customer is always connected, they know what they want, when they want it and how they want it, this requires businesses to start reorganizing themselves around this customer and this customer’s needs. 

CX is no longer a nice to have for businesses serving the new age customer but rather a MUST have. In order to retain this customer businesses need to have an intricate and intimate knowing of this customer and this can only be achieved through customer experience management. 

I am here to not only support South African businesses but to also work with international businesses looking to penetrate the South African market. I will support them in tangibly delivering unlimited experiences to their customers and ensure that CX is woven into the very fibre of their businesses.

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