Customer Experience matters in SA

In a recent publication by ‘The South African’ Table Mountain was voted Africa’s Top Tourist attraction. According to the article this coveted accolade is awarded to attractions that go the extra mile. Being able to rely on natural beauty and engrossing entertainment is fine, but in this game, the whole customer experience is also considered. It is refreshing to see that Customer Experience matters in SA and is used as a core measure in awarding such prestigious awards.

Brilliance in client service is one of the biggest fields that the nominees have to excel in. According to Wahid Parker the MD of Table Mountain’s Cableway their responsibility is to ‘provide a world-class bucket-list experience to local and international visitors. With over one million visitors a year complacency is not an option, and we constantly seek to improve our offering while remaining mindful of visitor’s variable needs.” “It is because of our staff’s commitment to providing exceptional customer service that we have secured this honor’.

It should not catch the reader by surprise that throughout the above extract from this article published by The South African customer experience is the common denominator. The customer is not only the measure by which this prestigious award is awarded but it seems like the Table Mountain Cableway has been reorganized around the customer and their needs. There is a tangible pursuit from the Table Mountain Cableway to be mindful of the customer’s different needs. As evident in the statement by the MD of the Table Mountain’s Cableway the organizational culture of this organization is centred around the customer and the commitment from their employees reflects the level of employee engagement. It goes without say that The Table Mountain Cableway has shifted from being competent to being business intelligent and merely delivering service to driving customer experience. I wish to congratulate the Table Mountain Cableway for thinking out of the box because customer service is not enough in attracting and retaining customers.

In closing I wish to challenge businesses to get out of the head space of being business/product or service providers and start walking in the shoes of their customers.

Mandisa Makubalo

Founder and Managing Director

Unlimited Experiences SA

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